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Planetary Path

The route starts in Visp at the train station, because Visp is easy to reach by train from everywhere. After the start follows a first small climb before the route descends rapidly to Brig. From Brig, the route continues along the river into the Goms. From Mörel begins an incredibly long climb to the Breithorfurgge, which is the highest point of the route at 2451 meters above sea level. A beautiful descent takes you for the first time to the small village of Binn. From here the Orbit does an additional loop, passing the tree line for the second time. Through a spectacular gorge and over a small in-between climb you reach the Goms again. After a side trip to Niederwald, you reach Fiesch, the largest village in the Goms and certainly a good opportunity to recharge your batteries. The last big ascent to Bettmeralp follows. The ascent is on a south-facing slope, so it can get quite hot. Additional motivation, however, is provided by the view of the other side of the valley, where the gravel road to Breithornfurgga, which has already been ridden in the morning, is clearly visible. If you have time, you could go up the crest (there are cable cars) To get an astonishing view over Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and the mighty (but sadly shrinking) Aletsch-Glacier, the biggest in the Alps. After Bettmeralp follows the descent to Brig, which once again requires full attention. Having reached the valley, the route continues along the river back to Visp.

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You will see many Swiss 4000m peaks, including the famous Matterhorn.

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Good to know

Wide tires and easy gearing will be helpful


Volg Shop km52, Coop Shop km 92

Risk Assessment

The route is situated in a high alpine area. Please keep that in mind. Weather can change quickly.

Orbit360 Scout


Sara Bukies & Andreas Krucker

Bikes | Sara: Bombtrack Beyond Andreas: velomario shop bike

About | After years of riding all kinds of bikes around Switzerland and neighbouring regions, we finally fulfilled a dream and set off for an open-end adventure in the summer of 2019 with our loaded bikes.. For reasons best known to everyone, we were back in Switzerland earlier than planned. However, under no circumstances does this mean that we would now put our bikes aside somewhere – quite the opposite! If not on the bike, Sara works as a High School teacher.

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