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Welcome to Orbit360 – Germany’s 1st Gravel Series with 16 routes – one for each state in Germany. From 04.07.-06.09.2020 the race is on – whenever you want! Collect points for each route, whoever collects the most points will become “Germany’s 1st Gravel Series” champion. Or simply just ride to have fun, join the big community and support Orbit360.

We like racing, but most of all we love just riding bikes. That’s why we organised 16 Orbits – created by the gravel community – to experience great tracks all over the country. So whether you race or if you just go for the gentle jaunt – it’s your adventure. Either way, the real question remains: How many Orbits will you ride this season?



Route updates available for Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin

Find your route


Before the Orbit360 season starts, all routes will be published on our route page. Here you will find every state and its release time.

Thank you!




Who can join? You.


You decide how to! Join us as a supporter for free, as a racer for 25€ or as an Orbiter for 40€! Every participant is welcome!

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in cycling, especially in ultra-endurance and gravel events. We want to do our best to see women orbiting with us! If you’re new to this kind of racing or still have doubts about taking on your first orbit as a woman, we want to help you jumping into this adventure: Our Women Ambassador Andrea Seiermann is happy to answer your questions that you’d rather ask another girl and get ready to show the boy how to orbit.



“We had a clear mission: share some of Germany’s most beautiful areas, that spread all over the country. 16 routes will let you explore what we feel has to be experienced.”

You can ride any track for free and simply enjoy the Orbit360 experience.

If you want to support us, feel free to click the “Donation” button and

  • like & follow Orbit360 on your favourite channels (Facebook, Instagram, komoot)
  • tell your friends and family about us
  • and start riding your bike.


Since every ride has a story we are looking forward to be linked on your rides too. Just head over to komoot and add our “Orbit 360”-komoot account to your ride. Just make sure that you add “DNF” (for “did not finish”) instead of the total time.



“Are you willing to mess with the best?! All right.”

You are an official Orbit360 competitor and will be part of Germany’s 1st Gravel Series. Take the chance to become the “Master of Orbit”!


Registration includes:

  • ranking in the official Orbit360 ranking
  • a komoot region bundle voucher, worth 8,99€


Many thank to all of you!

“You feel like racing is not enough? Become a family member and receive selected Orbit360 items. This is what we call being a fan!”

It includes everything from the race package plus:

  • Orbit360 cycling cap (sponsored by Wahoo)
  • Fendor Bendor Detour gravel mudguard (sponsored by Ass Savers)
  • Orbit360 bandana (sponsored by Gramm Tourpacking)
  • Orbit360 patch (sponsored by komoot)




Because otherwise it won’t be visible.
After you finished your Orbit, upload your completed ride and tag our Orbit360 komoot account as a participant. This is the way to be included in the official ranking. Make sure, you follow us on komoot as well!

At any point of the route! We wanted to make to race accessible for all riders. Choose your own start at any point of the route and follow the route until you reach the point where you started.

Since komoot needs to have a starting point for a route (circular courses are not possible), you will have to re-load the route on your navigation device when you arrive at komoot’s starting point.

The rules state that “equipment and supplies must be carried or found at commercial services”.  These are methods of re-supply that are open to all competitors!

So, here are our basic rules concerning the unsupported Race-Mode:

1: Support vehicles are not allowed, this means that you will not be accompanied by friends or family for part or all of the way by bike, on foot or at a previously agreed base. This is considered private support.

2: Since it is more common that starters along the route know friends or their own apartment is located along the route, this is considered private support and must therefore not be approached.

3: If your bike suffers a defect while riding the route, you can certainly go to a nearby bike shop for help within normal opening hours and return to the route. This corresponds to the publicly available care options.

4: Food and drink supplies can be purchased at petrol stations, restaurants or shops within opening hours. This is considered a public supply option as it is available to all race participants on an equal basis.

5: Water must be carried in sufficient quantities or taken from the points marked in the route descriptions. Controlling private households and asking for water should be the exception and is acceptable as the last resort.

6: In general, the race participant should have adjusted to the length of the route and the many hours in the saddle beforehand and should carry water, food, clothing depending on the weather, lighting system according to the planned race time and repair kit.

These rules and compliance are based entirely on the fairness of the individual participants. Even if the routes are in a densely populated country like Germany, public supply options are few and far between. This means that it is absolutely necessary to study the individual routes carefully and is the responsibility of the participants.

The routes can be ridden at any time. If you want to be included in the official Orbit360 you will have to ride and track the route between 04.07.–06.09.2020.

Glory and honour is what you get!

It’s a race (if you decided to race) and thus, we simply need rules to create equal conditions for all riders.

Points will be awarded for three different categories:

Finishing = 300 points

Finishing 3 orbits = 1000 extra points

extra points if you are under the top 10 of your track. Find out more on our race manual page.


1 Start planned tour

No matter where on the Orbit you are starting your tour, start the original route (advice: save a copy of the route to your profile and make sure to download it for offline use)

2 Close to Point “B”? Pause navigation and start new track

Once you are close to the finish point of the original track, press “Controls” and “Pause Navigation”

Once navigation is paused, you will be able to access the menu again. Go back to your profile, planned tours, choose the Orbit route you have saved to your profile previously and select “Start Navigation” again.


This works very similar on Android:

1 Pause the recording
2 Go to menu

a) Find the menu on the top right “…” symbol -> Go to “Edit tour” (takes you to the tour planner with the nav bar so you can access all the app) 

b) Click the magnifier symbol

3 To open the next tour, go to your profile, planned tours, find the track
4 Press navigate

No problem at all.Simply choose the region where the route starts – don’t worry, it does not matter if the route leaves the region at any other point. You will be navigated through the entire route.



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Germany's 1st Gravel Series


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