Route Description

You can reach the almost northernmost point of this route via gravel, meadow trails, fields and mystical forest sections shortly after the Michelnau quarry museum. From here you hike past the Hillersbach reservoir parallel to the “volcano cycle path” (Vulkanradweg) down the Vogelsberg in a northern direction towards Büdingen. The old town of Büdingen, with its half-timbered houses, the Jerusalem Gate, and sandstone buildings invite you to refuel and linger, but you’ll have to resist. Past the Iron Hand, through the Büdingen Forest, it’s straight towards “Via Apia” and the Grafenhaus Herrnhaag. Following the high road, the Ronneburg in view, you dive into Roman times in the Hammersbach forest. The Limes Wall, palisades, and Limes tower might make you feel like Asterix or Obelix. After varied trails you’ll cross the Hohe Straße to plunge directly into the forest at Wilhelmsbad Castle, after leaving Don Quixote’s windmills. By Hanau, the southernmost foothill of the track is reached on dreamy singletrack through wild garlic fields along rivers flowing to the Birkensee and Erlensee. Here is a river crossing. On the western side of the Main you pass the lake paradise of the former Steinheim quarry. The track follows numerous trails and gravel roads along the Luderbachaue from Dreieich into the Frankfurt city forest. The finest gravel and singletrack, the Gehspitz pond, Terminal 4 (a well-known refreshment stop), and the Mönchsbruch nature reserve are just a few highlights of the city forest in addition to the plane observation spots. After leaving Frankfurt Airport behind you, the Schwanheim dunes will be waiting for you with a “North Shore Trail.” From here, you ride the last 20 km via singletrack and gravel forest paths effortlessly towards the main metropolis of Frankfurt. In a north-easterly direction, you leave again the urban terrain in order to go up over the Berger slope along the Bad Vilberler forest via field and forest paths towards Wetterau, reaching the northern tip shortly after the Michelnau quarry.     

One or the other tree could be in the way but should be no major obstacle.

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