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This is the only track that where riders don’t have to take the ferry, because ferry time would have a significant impact on the overall time. We suggest you start from point A (Övelgönne) and finish at point B (Finkenwerder). However, this is a recommondation. We will add 30 minutes of additional time to balance  It’s up to you. If you start at another point, you will have to take the ferry to complete the route. The route needs to be ridden clockwise!

The peculiarity of this track is that you are in Hamburg City all the time. Therefore, a very serious request: you are sharing the route with pedestrians, dogs, children, and other cyclists. Be considerate, pass slowly, greet with “Moin,” and make room if necessary. It is recommended to ride the route during the week, on weekends and when the weather is nice, the roads are always full. The route can be started at any point. There is no fixed start and end point.

Starting from the northernmost point and following the track clockwise, you will ride along fields and forest paths through the Wohldorf forest before entering the beautiful Alstertal on gravel and forest paths towards the city. After that, you will cross the Ohlsdorf cemetery (check out the opening times beforehand), and then ride through parks and on green stretches all the way to the Elbe river. After crossing the stream you will be in Hamburg Harburg, with a highlight of the route, the Harburger Berge, where you will climb up the “Hasselbrack”, Hamburg’s highest point (116 m). From there the track follows mostly gravel roads all the way to the Finkenwerder ferry port on the river Elbe. On the northern side of the Elbe river, the track starts at Övelgönne ferry port. You will cross the Elbe beach, involving a short walk. The following Elbhänge will surprise you with a rather mountainous feeling. From there on you will reach the Klövensteen forest on the most western point of the route. You will then head again towards the city until you reach the Volkspark, a small forest with nice trails. Then following the Niendorfer Gehege, you will circle Hamburg airport, riding through a moor until you finally climb up the steep Müllberg (garbage mountain!), from where you have a great view over Hamburg and all the way to the Harburger Berge.

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