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All race enquiries should be made using the official contact forms. We might not be able to answer questions asked over Instagram and other Social Media channels.

Please remember to avoid messaging Raphael Albrecht on his personal Instagram account. This is his personal account and not related to Orbit360.

If you have questions that might be interesting for other riders too, please use our Facebook discussion group to get in touch with the intergalactic Orbit360 community.

We also provide the most ask questions in the FAQ sections. Please use this one first!

FAQ Orbit360's Gravel Series 2021

  1. A free digital goodie package
  2. The chance to swap your badges for great deals with our sponsors
  3. Your name will be listed in the official Orbit360 leaderboard.

Because otherwise it won’t be visible.
After you finished your Orbit, upload your completed ride and tag the Orbit360 komoot account as a participant. This is the way to be included in the official ranking. It is easier to find the account if you have added Orbit360 as friends before.

At any point of the route! We wanted to make to race accessible for all riders. Choose your own start at any point of the route and follow the route until you reach the point where you started.

Since komoot needs to have a starting point for a route (circular courses are not possible), you will have to re-load the route on your navigation device when you arrive at komoot’s starting point.

Due to Covid-19 restriction the race start is postponed until further notice.

It’s a race (if you decided to race) and thus, we simply need rules to create equal conditions for all riders.

Points will be awarded for three different categories:

Finishing = 500 points

Finishing 3 orbits = 1000 extra points

Finishing 5 orbits = 3000 extra points

Finishing 8 orbits = 6000 extra points

There are extra points for top 30 positions.

Find out more about the ranking system on our race manual.

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