Route Description

Whether in transit or as a starting point, the route leaves Bremen city centre and goes on the left side of the Weser. Here the path leads away from the city through the Ochtumiederungen into the countryside of Niedersachsen, where the Hasbruch is waiting, a primeval forest with its forest trails. Depending on the time of day, you might have to be very mindful of other trails users.

From the Hasbruch on we go through the Witte Moor to Oldenburg. Only touching the city, the Orbit runs further north over the Hunte Bridge. Sand and gravel instead of tracks and coal. With 8000 watts and hopefully plenty of steam in the engine, the route goes out on an old railway line towards Jadebusen and the Weser Delta, the northernmost point of the route. One third gravel, one third headwind, and one third gravel with headwind. Elevation gain will at least not be a problem here!

In the flat land of the dikes, the Bremen Orbit grazes the North Sea at its northernmost point, giving the rider a unique view of the outer dike in the distance. The dike path runs between seagulls and wild geese and requires skill and concentration – be careful: the concrete plates can be slippery at times. If the outer dike is impassable due to high water, the road on the inside of the dike will lead you dry and safe towards Bremerhaven.

Before you reach the seaside town, you should not miss the Weser ferry at Blexen. Please inform yourself well in advance of departure times (https://www.weserfaehre.de/fahrplan/). For anyone who left Bremen early in the morning, Bremerhaven offers a welcome refreshment spot. Perhaps strengthened with a fish sandwich, you will continue on asphalt southwards through the Luneplate nature reserve. After crossing the Lune, the route continues on through a variety of small roads and country lanes, meadows and groves further south to the Garlstedt training area. Even if parts of it could be used on weekends, the route makes a small dodge around it.

On we go past small ponds and through a pine forest past Osterholz-Scharmbeck through Teufelsmoor to the artist village of Worpswede. Several cafés offer the opportunity for a little refreshment. Then the Orbit ascends (higher than the dike) to Niedersachsenstein. Please pay attention to the small paths and on the descent to the pedestrians.

After leaving Worpswede, the route approaches the city of Bremen. But before that, a little more wandering through the lowlands. Here, the finest gravel and towpaths await your somewhat tired legs. As a reward, however, you proceed towards the sunset (assuming it was started early in Bremen) through the Blockland and back to the Bremen city centre.

For everyone who started here, it is now done and over and the dust of the day can be washed down with an after-work drink in one of Bremen’s “Guter Stube”.

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