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The imposing route along the banks of the Liepnitzsee will bring riders to a magical place called Biesenthaler Becken. With its mysterious trees rising out of green swamp waters, riders might feel like they have just entered the Amazon rain forest! Participants will then ride over a mixture of low-traffic tarmac roads, fast-rolling concrete slabs, and wild forest roads until they reach Tiefensee, where they will follow a short section of the Bikepacking Trans Germany route.
The next stretch to the old Soviet military airport in Werneuchen is one of our favourite parts. It’s a rather flat section, but with its mystical coniferous forests and beautiful single- and double tracks, riders will feel like they are diving into another world. Along the paths are a number of stunningly beautiful lakes. Watch out for hikers.
After leaving the old Soviet military airport that once hosted more than 5,000 Soviet soldiers, the the race becomes more ambitious with the route finding its way through a number of sandy paths. In this section, riders will appreciate every millimetre of tire width. It’s sandy at times, but generally rideable, depending on your mountain bike skills.
The track continues into another highlight of the route – the Glauer Mountains. We call this part the “Alice in Wonderland” forest because of its labyrinthine network of forestry trails. We suggest to ride this section in daylight as it is much easier to recognise the tracks. (Besides, the mountains can get a bit spooky at night.) Riders will need to pick their way over many sections where fine sand and fallen trees make riding impossible. Since there are hundreds of paths that you could theoretically use, we will accept if you ride on a slightly different path (if you find your own way through this maze). However, this should not mean that shortcuts are allowed! It will be a frustratingly slow section of the route and will likely have you cursing us, but you will be rewarded with a coffee and cake in Blankensee, a town located just after the Glauer Mountains. Also, there is a public toilet on the other side of the street.
On the way to Potsdam, a short stretch of tarmac brings some relief before heading off-road once more. The sandy parts are over though and the fast-rolling gravel tracks will increase your average speed. Before reaching Potsdam, the biggest city on the route, there is another solid climb up Kleiner Ravensberg. Let us know if you were able to make it to the top!
After leaving Potsdam behind, riders will head north to the Döberitzer Heide, a 3,600-hectare natural reserve that is the home to wisents, or European Bison. Feel free to ride on the right or left side to avoid the deep sand, but please watch out for hikers. After cruising through an urban area for a short section, riders will reach the ferry in Tegelort. (Maybe add something here about what they have to do? Where maybe to take the ferry?) Check out their website for opening hours.
The final stretch back to Liepnitzsee will include a number of solid climbs. Even though the landscape in Brandenburg is very flat, this part is quite hilly and needs to be taken seriously. The scenery changes and riders will find their way through mixed forest trails and perfect gravel roads back to Liepnitzsee, where they can relax at the beach and enjoy some of the available amenities, depending on the time of their arrival.

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