Route Description

Starting from the northernmost point and following the track clockwise, you begin at the Bungsberg, with 167 m the highest hill in Schleswig-Holstein, right in the middle of the so-called ”Switzerland of Holstein.“ From there on you will be riding over technically easy forest paths and road sections. Along the way you will cross one of several marshlands. Afterwards the route zig zags toward the Baltic coast with its beautiful, steep cliffs. What follows is a ride through Travemünde, where you find ample resupply, and if you’re lucky, a fisherman’s choir with the occasional shanty song. Below Travemünde you follow the river Trave on forest roads and sandy paths until you reach the medieval town of Lübeck. You will ride past the monumental ”Holsten Tor,“ and then ride around town along the old city walls. You will then follow the old St. James Way (”Jakobsweg“) along gravel and dirt roads until you pass Hamburg and then reach the spring of the river Alster. From there on you will head northeast, passing lakes and pretty forests, and then on hilly paths back to the Bungsberg.

Scout Orbit Schleswig-Holstein

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