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After you have left the city forest behind, you can watch the golfers tee off while riding through the Ullersdorf golf course. Warning – low flying balls. The first field paths to receive your gravel tires wind past lakes and tree stands. A slight up and down makes the pulse start to work. Above Pirna, again quickly downhill and under the highway, you are right in the picturesque Liebethal. The Wesenitz guides you past old mills, monuments, quarries and even an enchanted hydropower plant up to Dittersbach. Up to here you ride everything on small, relaxed hiking trails in the forest. Even if the clock is ticking, it is worth taking a little break and listening to the flowing water.

Now it is time to climb the forests on the edge of Saxony’s Switzerland until you come to the hiking trail of the same name as the beautiful Polenz Valley. This magnificent valley path winds along the river to Neustadt in Saxony. The area is again soft forest floor connected with roots. A relaxed air pressure in the gravel tire provides more comfort here. A stretch of road takes you into the Schwarzbach valley on old railway embankment paths in the forest, carefully following the paths along the water.

If you have left the descent in Lichtenhain behind you, the route is right in the heart of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Up to the border to the Czech Republic it’s an easy uphill roll. The following gravel paths in the middle of the imposing sandstone cliffs definitely belong to the highlight of this tour. You have enough time to view the cliffs while rolling on wide gravel roads past some classics of the Saxon / Bohemian climbing routes. For relaxation, a stop in Bad Schandau is recommended to replenish your food supplies. After relaxing along the Elbe, you climb back up into the woods by Königstein.

You can now expect the “left-hand table mountains”. Sometimes steep, you climb past large sandstone towers and moss-covered gorges. Here you ride for a while along the German-Czech border. If you are lucky, the innkeeper in the Ottomühle invites you for a cold refreshing drink 😉

You will now leave the border forests, going downhill into the Bahra valley along the Gottleuba on old train paths in the middle of the forest. You can use the crossing of the Elbe in Pirna to buy some food for the last kilometres. In Pillnitz, it is best to ride along the old wine path on the slope for the oncoming sunset and have a wonderful panorama over Dresden. But watch out – the end is not yet over.

The final challenge awaits you on the ascent in Helfenberger Grund. Here it is once again necessary to mobilize all concentration in order to master this technical, narrow singletrack. Proper gearing and wide gravel tires will help you here. When you have completed this little adventure, you can now relax downhill through the Dresdner Heide back to the starting point in Dresden’s Neustadt.

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