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I always loved to ride bikes. But when I got my first roadbike more than 10 years ago, I nearly ditched it after the first ride. How can you ride a bike like this? Where are the brakes, how would anyone be able to use this shifters? By now riding one of my four bikes (roadbike, steel randonneur, mountainbike, 70 year old cellar treasure) feels as natural as walking. I commut with my bike, go on holidays by bike and try to go further and faster as often as I can. The Orbits will be my first steps into the gravel world. I love going through every kind of terrain, so I guess it will be a lot of fun! I have no real race experience, but finished the Bremen-Brocken-Bremen-Challenge lately.

Riders Rig

For the Orbirts I will change my Surly Cross-Check steel horse, which is usually my travel bike into kind of a gravel bike. Wider tires, no racks and less pressure. Ready to go! Unfortunately it is quite heavy… (12 kilos)

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