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Which region do you choose if you want to cycle extensively, enjoy a variety of natural environments, and be constantly accompanied by the sea – all at the same time? Of course, Germany’s largest island: Rügen. After the bridge to Stralsund, turn left through a small underpass into the Altefähr seaside resort. From there you have a fantastic view of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund. Then the track leads you along narrow paths west of Rügen towards Gingst. The path up to here consists of sand, concrete slabs, cobblestone, or asphalt. In Gingst, you have the opportunity to eat in the Edeka or at the bakery. The shops are right on the track. After leaving a short piece of asphalt behind you, you will go through some no man’s land for a little while. After a short time the path becomes a meadow. Do not be unsettled, you are on the right path. Following the telephone poles, you have to ride over a small stream after a few metres, then you see a path again and you enter a small forest. Continuing on sand, gravel, asphalt (bike path towards Schaprode) and a narrow bank path to the ferry to Wittow (km 70). Please note the travel times on the website (www.weisse-flotte.de). Immediately after the ferry, you follow the path to Wiek and Dranske (km 85) on the left. Watch the kite surfers and eat. You will find opportunities to do this in both places. No matter if bakery, supermarket, or Fischbrötchenbude. Now you can expect small trails and paths with a view of the Baltic Sea and the steep cliffs. Now you approach one of the sunniest places in Germany, Cape Arkona (km 100). We continue past the fantastic fishing village of Vitt to Juliusruh. The following bike path to Glowe is more like a dirt track, but is much safer than the road. Halftime is the order of the day in Glowe and there are opportunities for swimming, refreshments, or sat-nav, because there are electric sockets in the parking lot directly on the track. Follow the country road uphill towards Bisdamitz. Turn right on the cobblestone street in the middle of the village, then immediately left again onto a slab path towards Nipmerow and Lohme. After this the path leads you on a wavy course through the forest until you finally reach the port of Sassnitz. Delicious fish sandwiches and a great harbour atmosphere invite you for a short stopover (km 145). We continue on forest, meadow, and bike path to Mukran, past the KDF Bad in Prora, to Binz (km 164). Now the track leads you through Granitz to Sellin and Göhren. In the Baltic Sea resorts you will get enough food everywhere to replenish your supplies. In Lobbe you cross the street and follow the dike path or the country road to Middelhagen, Alt Reddevitz, Baabe to Seedorf. Tourist traffic decreases again. If you want to look after your nutrition, you can do this in Lauterbach, at the local Edeka about 250 m away from the route. Slabs, sand, asphalt, and gravel roads now alternate to Stralsund. During the last 50 km you will only meet a few people. If you reach the Rügen Bridge shortly before sundown, you may be able to see the sun set over the Hanseatic city.

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