Race Manual

Orbit360 Gravel Serie che 2022

04. Juni – 14. August

About the Gravel Series

The Orbit360 Gravel Series is taking on the next season with improved routes and a new scoring system! Choose your Orbits out of 6 different routes and collect points. The Gravel Series will run for ten weeks, and during this time, riders can start at whatever time and location along the Orbit they want. Tracking via komoot, completed Orbits will be listed in the virtual leaderboard that will determine the season rankings.

Please read the race manual and make sure to understand the rules.

Routine in the Orbit360 cosmos

The How-To


...and receive a free komoot region bundle voucher.
Please not, every rider has to individually register for the Gravel Series over his/ her own profile account.

Click here and add the Orbit360 as a friend.


Ride Solo or Peloton. As many Orbits as you want. Can you ride all of them?


Upload your tour to komoot, tag Orbit360 as participant and set your tour on "public".


Name of the Orbit (for example Marsian Mountains)
Check your spelling!


…and find your name(s)

Notice: Renaming your ride is very important! Without there is no chance your Orbits will be considered.

Go Solo or join the Peloton

There are two categories: Solo and Peloton.

All participants are required to respect the spirit of unsupported bikepacking races.

All participants registered as SOLO are required ride without any third party assistance. No drafting allowed.

All participants registered as PELOTON are free to chose their own group no matter the size of the group. Drafting is allowed as well as help and assistance within the Peloton. Your names will be listed individually in the ranking.

The Scoring System

Orbit360’s Gravel Series concept is simple: Ride a route and collect points. The more routes you ride, the more points you can collect. Each route is worth equivalent points and has the same scoring system. Participants can ride a route as often as they want with the fastest time being included in the ranking. Even though, participants can ride as many Orbits as they want, only the first 6 Orbits will be considered for the official Orbit360 ranking.

Points will be awarded for three categories:

Finishing Points

First, many riders will have to push their limits to finish a route. It’s long and hard, it’s fun but also challenging. Finishing a route is a great achievement and will be rewarded with 500 points.

Series Points

One finished ride is great. Once finishing the first route push further and gather more bonus points.

3 finished Orbits = 1.000 bonus points on top
6 finished Orbits = 2.000 bonus points on top

Leaderboard Points

We award extra points for the first 60 positions in the following order:

1. = 1.800 Pkt.
2. = 1.740 Pkt
3. = 1.680 Pkt
4. = 1.620 Pkt
5. = 1.560 Pkt
6. = 1.500 Pkt
7. = 1.440 Pkt
8. = 1.380 Pkt
9. = 1.320 Pkt
10. = 1.260 Pkt
11. = 1.200 Pkt
12. = 1.140 Pkt
13. = 1.080 Pkt
14. = 1.032 Pkt
15. = 984 Pkt
16. = 936 Pkt
17. = 888 Pkt
18. = 840 Pkt
19. = 792 Pkt
20. = 756 Pkt
21. = 720 Pkt
22. = 684 Pkt
23. = 648 Pkt
24. = 612 Pkt
25. = 576 Pkt
26. = 552 Pkt
27. = 528 Pkt
28. = 504 Pkt
29. = 480 Pkt
30. = 456 Pkt
31. = 432 Pkt
32. = 408 Pkt
33. = 384 Pkt
34. = 360 Pkt
35. = 336 Pkt
36. = 312 Pkt
37. = 288 Pkt
38. = 276 Pkt
39. = 264 Pkt
40. = 252 Pkt
41. = 240 Pkt
42. = 228 Pkt
43. = 216 Pkt
44. = 204 Pkt
45. = 192 Pkt
46. = 180 Pkt
47. = 168 Pkt
48. = 156 Pkt
49. = 144 Pkt
50. = 132 Pkt
51. = 120 Pkt
52. = 108 Pkt
53. = 96 Pkt
54. = 84 Pkt
55. = 72 Pkt
56. = 60 Pkt
57. = 48 Pkt
58. = 36 Pkt
59. = 24 Pkt
60. = 12 Pkt

Ride, Ride,
Collect, Benefit

Your chance to earn some sponsor benefits! If you complete Orbits (Routes) you profit form our partnerships.

🎖 = 6 Orbits (komoot premium account)


As an example: Joseph completed three Orbits. He ranked in the top 60 twice. As 7th and as 5th. With the third Orbit he unfortunately ranked out of the top 60. Joseph will end the Gravel Series with a total score of 6.500 points (3x 500 points for completed Orbits + 3.000 bonus series points + 1.560 leaderboard points + 1.440 leaderboard points). His friend Linda completed seven Orbits but did not ranked top 60 at all. She ends up with a total scoring of 6.500 points (7x 500 pts Finishing Points + 3.000 Series Points for completing seven Orbits).

Checkpoints and validation of your rides

There are no checkpoints en-route. Riders have to follow the entire route (please make yourself familiar with the spirit of unsupported cycling races). We expect all riders to be fair with each other and we will not check your routes for accuracy since weak GPS-connections and bad weather conditions would make it almost impossible. This is YOUR ride and your responsibility.

If there’s ambiguity on the rules or you don’t know what to do; then you should ask. If you think you did something cheeky but you didn’t mean it – tell us, explain why and we will find a solution.


All rules are designed to support the spirit of unsupported races. Riders of the Orbit are expected to be self-sufficient and must follow these rules at all times whilst riding.


1.1 Choose your own start at any point of the route and follow the route until you reach the point where you started.

1.2 To get a Ranking place you must ride the route in its entirety.

1.3 Any deviations from the route are only permitted for safety or legal reasons (e.g. flooded areas, fallen trees, etc.).

Any deviation must be presented to the organizer without being asked.

1.4 If participants leave the route (e.g. to buy food in a supermarket) they must return to the point where they left the route and continue the ride from there.

1.5 The use of ferry connections and services is not permitted unless expressly provided for in the route.


2.1 The Orbit360 Gravel Series is a solo or duo challenge. No drafting for solo riders (other than pairs with their partner).

2.2 All rides must be managed with the rider’s own muscle power.


3.1 Helmets and front/ rear lights as well as high visible clothing are a mandatory.

3.2 Watch out for others when sharing the same path. Reduce speed and give them a smile.

3.3 Riders must know and observe all local traffic laws.


4.1 Any assistance from third parties is prohibited.

4.2 All food, drinks and equipment must be carried with you or acquired at commercially available services.

4.3 Plan your route appropriately, check for resupply points and opening hours beforehand.

4.4 Booking or organising assistance for the trip, prior to departure is not permitted.

4.5 No en-route service is provided by the organizer.


5.1 The Orbit360 Gravel Series is a one stage race.

5.2 You can rest or sleep as much and wherever suits you. However, bear in mind break times add up quickly and can add significantly to the elapsed time.

5.3 The recording via a dedicated GPS device must not interrupted at any time of the ride.


6.1 All rides must be recorded via a GPS device and must be uploaded to komoot and linked with the Orbit360 account.

6.2 The GPS device can be a dedicated cycling/ navigation computer, fitness watch or smartphone with location services – essentially anything that allows you to record an activity on komoot.

6.3 Essentially, participants are allowed anything that can record an activity on komoot.


7.1 Riders may accept legitimate unplanned offers of food, drink or shelter but must not go looking for it. Any help received must not be solicited in any way. Help is regarded as “trail magic” if any other riders would have the same possibility to receive this kind of assistance.

7.2 Any assistance received must not have been requested at any time.

7.3 Assistance is considered independent if other participants would have the same opportunity to receive it.

7.4 The organizer can impose time penalties for violations which will be decided once the ride has been linked.


8.1 Do not just “leave no trace”, but also “leave the place better than you found it”.

8.2 The routes may take you to isolated areas, which are usually home of animals. Respect them and be quiet when approaching them.

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