Orbit360 Gravel Serie 2021

Germany’s First Gravel Series is back! Collect points for each route. Ride fast or slow, ride alone or in a team, ride one Orbit or ride them all – that’s up to you.

Ready for Round 2!

The Orbit360 All Gravel Series is taking on the next season with improved routes and a new scoring system! Riders can choose their Orbits out of 18 different routes and collect points. The race window will be open for ten weeks and riders can start at whatever time and location along the Orbit they want. Tracking via komoot, completed Orbits will be listed in the virtual leaderboard that will determine the season rankings.

Please read the race manual for the Gravel Series 2021 and make sure to understand the rules.

The Idea

Due to the 2020 pandemic many bike events had been cancelled. For us, that didn’t mean the end of cycling. We rather saw it as a new beginning: we wanted to share the best routes in Germany with our cycling community. From that moment on, Orbit360 was born, the first unsupported gravel adventure series where riders can compete against each other – safely and in an exciting new format!

When: 01.05. – 11.07.2021
Where: all over Germany
Entrance fee: 49 EUR
Modi: Solo or duo

Every participant will get a digital Goodie package

• 10 % for your next Votec bike purchase
10 % of your next Continental tire purchase
Free komoot region bundle voucher


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On our routes overview you find all of the 18 routes, with all associated details on them. Check out the routes of Orbit360’s Gravel Series 2021

How long can
you ride?

Register and you will find out.

Ride, collect, benefit

Besides the new ranking system, we have established a new badging system to reward your outstanding performances on the Orbits. You get one badge for your third, fifth and eighth Orbit ridden and they are displayed on your profile and shown in the overall-ranking. Your badges get you great treats and deals from our partners Votec, komoot and Continental. Happy riding!

🎖 = 8 Orbits  (Votec voucher 20%)

🪐 = 5 Orbits  (komoot premium account)

🚀 = 3 Orbits (Continental voucher40%)

19. – 22. August 2021 | Old Sowjet Airport in Allstedt

Orbit360's First
Gravity Bike Festival


Because otherwise it won’t be visible.
After you finished your Orbit, upload your completed ride and tag the Orbit360 komoot account as a participant. This is the way to be included in the official ranking. It is easier to find the account if you have added Orbit360 as friends before.

At any point of the route! We wanted to make to race accessible for all riders. Choose your own start at any point of the route and follow the route until you reach the point where you started.

Since komoot needs to have a starting point for a route (circular courses are not possible), you will have to re-load the route on your navigation device when you arrive at komoot’s starting point.

The race window will be opened between May 1st to July 11th. You can start whenever you want, during this time.

We decided to leave it up to you if you want to ride clock- or counter clockwise. The decision is aligned with the spirit of unsupported racing and should support your individual choices and preferences. Please note that the route descriptions remain to be written and described clockwise.

Points will be awarded for three different categories:

Finishing Points = 500 points

Series Points: Finishing 3 Orbits = 1000 extra points

Series Points: Finishing 5 Orbits = 2000 extra points

Series Points: Finishing 8 Orbits = 5000 extra points

Leaderboard Points: There are extra points for top 30 positions.

Find out more about the ranking system on our race manual.


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