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Recommended Start is the town of Schwyz. Easy to reach by train from ZH, LU and TI. From the Trainstation its 1 Kilometer to the start at the center. From there the route heads towards Muoatathal, a nice valley. Along the river, it is a flat(ish) start of the day. At the end of the valley, the Pragelpass is waiting. The first part is on tarmac, halfway the route continues on the left side of the valley on gravel. It’s steep! After a nice downhill section, the route ends up alongside Klöntalersee, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland and is leading further down to Glarus. It’s a good spot for resupply or as an alternative Start of the route. Klausenpass is the next direction. Then there is a climb up on the right side of the valley waiting to stay away from the paved valley. Staying up there all the way until you end up at Urnerboden, a beautiful plateau. Klausenpass on the direct way would be too easy, that’s why the route follows the climb up to Fisetenpass first. Some beautiful alpine Gravel is waiting for you until the route ends up in the last part of the Klausen major Route, but just after a short stretch, the route follows the old “road” up to the pass which is actually a path. There is Restaurant at the top at almost 2000m for resupply. There is a short downhill part on pavement, right before the route heads into the climb to Chinzig Kulm on the right hand side. Don’t forget to enjoy the views! After climbing up to 2000m again the route is heading down to Muotathal again. Just before Muotathal, the route goes left to Riemenstalden for the last climb of the day up to Goldplangg. The finish is close now. There are some magic views of the lakeside when heading towards Morschach. The last downhill part ist to Brunnen, before the route is leading back to Schwyz. This Orbit is not the longest but be cautious of the amount of climbing.

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Pragelpass, Fisetenpass, Klausenpass, Chinzig Kulm

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Good to know

Be aware of the mountain region and fast weather changes. It is alpine for long stretches. Also, take care of your gearing. I don’t think a 1×1 ratio will be enough.


Trainstation Glarus
Restaurant Klausenpass

Risk Assessment

Alpine Orbit! It is ridable with a Gravelbike but take care all the time. Be careful of weather conditions and possible snowfields in early summer. Always bring enough clothes with you, including an emergency blanket.

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