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You will really rollercoaster the backyard of Basel. Beautiful views from the first “Jurakette” into the Alps and Black Forest. This Orbit gives you insides from the roman empire and swiss military architecture up to an old cultural landscape, shaped by farms and millions of cows. We recommend a start in Rheinfelden. Between Frick and Frenkendorf you will find some resupply, but don’t count on open shops. Farms with self-service and restaurants help you to survive. The north from Frenkendorf to Frick slope allows better resupply. Please watch out for some stairs, some damaged roads due to heavy winters, steep downhills and closed farm gates. From 26th to 28th of August 2022 the Swiss “Schwing- und Aelplerfest” will take place, watch out for that. The Orbit offers you 18 km flat, after a tough climb from Mumpf to Bözberg, the Rollercoaster kicks you upside down and back. You will dive deep into typical Jura views, lots of cows and thousands of swiss yellow signs for every kind of outdoor sport. After Gempen you start downhill to Frenkendorf, followed by smaller hills to the finish. There are a lot of fireplaces for excellent barbecue and spots for the night. Be aware of local fire restrictions. Please take into consideration that on sunny weekends a lot of hikers will be on most of the track. You will cross some roads, often after a long and fast descent.

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Linde von Linn, Roman architecture, View of the Alps and Black Forest, Rhein, Runie Gilgenberg, Gate in the rocks near Klei Ulmet

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Rheinfelden, Frick, Langenbruck, Nunningen, Frenkendorf
several farmhouses + Selecta food automates
Schupfart landing field (Restaurant)

Risk Assessment

km 7: some staires between km 7 and 8

km 90: respect to closed gates, use hiking path to pass the farm “Burgweid”

km 95: steep downhill the crossing. ATTENTION!

km 104: transverse ribs on road until km 107 ATTENTION

km 123: after passing the farm “Klei Ulmet” the farmers allows to choose the wooden section (right hand side) or crossing the grassland and take the better path (left hand side) WATCH out for cows and wolfes

km 154: don’t underestimate the downhill part. Speed control!

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