Route Description

Though this route can be started at any point, I recommend starting the tour in the north to see as much of the mountains as possible in daylight.

If you like, you can start directly at the beautiful Isar below the Großhesseloher Brücke railway bridge. The famous Isar trails, a well-known and popular place for MTB riders, are just a few metres away from the route. Here you can immediately forget the big city and thrust yourself in the middle of nature along the Isar, before leaving the stream at Wolfratshausen, passing a few, small ponds, bogs, and even a golf course hiding along the way.

After approximately 60 km, at Ellbach, you can see the beautiful panorama of the Bavarian Prealps into which the route leads. After a short detour through beautiful Bad Tölz, which is ideal for breaks and supplies, we join the Isar again. The fast and flat Isar cycle path with gravel continues towards Lenggries. Nature changes noticeably as it becomes more alpine. The smell of pine and views of the Alps characterise this section.

After Lenggries, you go deeper into the mountains and past a small bicycle tunnel in the rock. The panorama opens up to the Sylvenstein reservoir, which you will then cross. After about 100 km the route then leaves the Isar again and goes straight up the mountain. In places, you will have to push, but the descent with a view of the Walchensee definitely compensates for your efforts. At 1,090 metres, you will also reach the highest point on the route.

Once at the bottom, you ride along the picturesque lake and make fast kilometres (note: there are also some hikers and cyclists here in the daytime). Immediately behind Urfeld, the route climbs again and you can catch a glimpse of the Kochelsee. At km 134 you have another great view of the Murnauer Moos. After the descent you can eat in the small village Ohlstadt if necessary. There is a good Italian restaurant and a supermarket at the end of the village, alongside the route.

It continues on fast paths into the Murnacher Moos, the largest contiguous bog in Central Europe and a highlight for naturalists and ornithologists. From here you have a perfect view of the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany at 2,962 m. Then you pass Murnau and have another good opportunity for a break or to fill up on supplies.

At km 175 you ride through the “valley of madness” (don’t forget your selfie) and follow forest paths through the nature reserve Osterseen towards Tutzing at Lake Starnberg (note: there is tourism in the daytime). In addition to a great view of the lake, there is also a good option for a break and supplies.

We proceed through small villages, fields and forests towards Herrsching am Ammersee. Singletrack (note: there are also some hikers at daytime) and the Seefeld Castle await you here.

The last kilometres go through Forstenrieder Park, a former hunting area south of Munich and today a perfect destination for gravel fans. Many forest animals such as badgers, foxes, deer, and wild boars call this forest home here and roam freely (attention: those who come through at night should be mindful). At the very end you come back along the Isar and the circle closes with a finish on the Großhesseloher bridge.

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